Monday, 11 September 2017

Technology - Potato Salad

Today at Technology, I have made Potato salad with a side of sausages.
It was really fun and easy to make but cooking the sausages were a bit reckless
because it kept popping . I just hope it will taste delicious .

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Show not Tell examples

Kuraia 05.09.2017 Tuesday

Show not tell

Telling Sentences
Showing Sentences
I was mad
Stomping my foot across the classroom with my fist clutched together and ignoring everyone in my path . I slammed the door behind me and left .
I was lonely
Hearing whistles from the cold breeze, I sat down with nothing and no one beside me. I felt as cold as ice .  
I was terrified
My eyes were completely widen after hearing that slam . I snuggled under my blanket with heavy breathing . I closed my eyes and tried to dream of my happy place .
So tired
My arms were hanging down beside me and my feet dragging along the concrete ground . I walked around with my back bent as if I was 89 years old .
Very excited
I jumped into the air with a big smile on my face . I felt like doing a 100 metre sprint because I was so hypo .

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Reading Comprehension - A New life for Simple Machines

Kuraia Wednesday 26.07.2017

Reading Comprehension - - A New life for Simple Machines

10 Electrical things we use everyday

  • Phone
  • Computer
  • Speaker
  • Ipad
  • USB
  • Electrical Watches
  • Headphones
  • Tv
  • Toaster
  • Fridge

How would our life be different without electricity  ?

There would barely be that much light inside houses at night , there would be no way of making refrigerated stuff or even having re-refrigerated stuff because there would be no place to store it , unless we have a deep well . There would be more kids playing outside because there are no phones and ipads for them to be playing on .

What sort of activities would be impossible without electricity ?

Being unable to check out fun places to go or book flights unless going to the actual place which might be far or maybe close to where you stay. Or even waking up late for school or a job interview and not have a car could make them more late by walking .

Where does New Zealand get their electricity from ?

From Hydropowers , geothermal powers and wind energy .

Why is burning fossils to generate electricity a problem ?

Because the smoke from burning fossils are destroying the atmosphere of earth, which is protecting the heat of the sun from burning us .

How can we get electricity without harming the planet ?

By having solar panels to collect the heat from the sun and use it as electricity .

Substances - A Particular kind of matter

Kinetic - Relating to or resulting of motion

Hydroelectric - The generation of power using flower water

Interacts - To have an effect on something or communicating with each other

Agitator - A person who urges others

Components - A parts or an elements of something

Electricity - Charged particles that form energy.

Windmills - A building with sales that turn from the wind to form energy.
Water wheels - A large wheel that pushes flowing water to raise the water level .