Friday, 23 March 2018


During the lesson of science with Mrs Kuruvilla , I have learnt about the structure of volcanoes and why they erupt. I’ve also learnt about earthquakes and what causes it to happen. I have been refreshed with the water cycle and all the layers inside earth as well as facts related to it. I’ve also gotten a little idea of how to calculate speed but I’m not fully confident in how to do it. So in the past weeks I've been to science, this i what I've learnt.
Image result for volcanoesImage result for layers of the earth

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Made in Taiwan - Social studies

Nathan and Oscars journey to different islands where to find out if there ancestors originated from Polynesia . During their journey they discovered many things and one interesting discovery was la-pita pottery. They discovered so many other things as well and some of them have to do with the relations in there traditions, language and patterns. The theory of Polynesians originating from Asia are either true or not but there are some similarities that connects Asia to other islands. Such as there traditional dance being a mirror to the Maori culture as well coconuts are known for originally coming from Asia . In my perspective I do believe that Polynesians do originate from Asia. The traditions , patterns and language are very alike to other regions and if I’m right , Asia could be the place where Polynesians originated from.

My logo (Graphics)

As you can see I did a logo design with my initial inside the middle of a headstone and the shape of a club. These are very simple designs and there weren't much meaning behind the logos I made . Although , I did the grave because it was very creative for me even with the shovel that was added as well. The club was just a simple design that I just came up with and then added my initial to make it a tiny bit fancier.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Current events - Knife wielding man shot dead by police

Today in social studies I have been learning about thing
happening around the world even in my area and I noticed
a crime that happened in Queensland Australia. It was about
a 31 year old man who was armed with a knife trying to break
into his ex girlfriend's house and threatening her for unknown
reasons. A police entered the area with his taser but it was
ineffective and there were people's lives at risk so he nothing
else to do but shoot the man. The ending of this break down
story wasn’t good because the man did end up dead. But in
the incident there were shouting heard from neighbours from
the man telling the police to shoot me . As well as the police
having no other choice but to shoot the man because his taser
wasn’t active.So there were two sides of the story but it was
alleged. But from my point of view I think the police shouldn’t
have shot the man but talk him through into leaving the place
and calling back up so there wouldn’t be any shoots happening.
It would of been better if the man was in jail instead of him being

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Pen Shading

Today in  Graphics I have done an exercise on shading
shapes but with pen. It was really hard because shading
with pen is way more harder and  different from shading
with pencils. In this activity our main point was shading
vertical and horizontally , as well using dots . I didn't do
dots on my piece but I did try with the lines and this was
 the best I could do .

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Ipod Shading Drawing - Graphics

Today in Graphics I have just done a I pod shading drawing . It was a good activity because at the same time it teaches me to shade different types of shapes . Even though I'm not such a great drawer or a shading person but I think I did pretty well.