Monday, 4 December 2017

3D Shapes

Kuraia 04.12.2017 Monday

Today I have done an activity on 3D shapes . There wasn’t much to learn from this activity because all there was were lessons to learn about how the site works and what to do whenever you have a 3D shape . But anyways it was a good lesson because it’s about 3D shapes and it gives me more clarification about it.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Prototec Maths Practise

Prototec Maths Tuesday 28.11.2017

Today In room 7 I have done a practise sheet on my basic facts . Although it was a stage 8 it wasn’t so challenging but only because I didn’t time myself . I pretty sure if I did , I would get less . Anyways from this activity I did learn about finding the ones ,tens ,hundreds and thousand places in decimals . Most times I would think you start the ones place on the right side, but actually it starts on the left side, which I have corrected myself . So from now on finding the ones,tens,hundreds and thousands places in decimals will be an easy task .

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Descriptive Paragraph - Fireworks

Glowing sparkles

Washing powder

WALT - Write a descriptive paragraph

Success Criteria
  • I must use my 5 senses
  • I must use adjectives
  • I muse use precise verbs
  • I must use figurative language

Descriptive paragraph - Fireworks Display

Staring in the night sky  BOOM! , a burst of color lit my eyes . A glamorous piece of art had left little droplets of golden meteorites falling to their doom . The aroma had instantly filled up my backyard with a gust of smoke waving past my nose . I started to find a no smoke area but the fog around me just blocked my way, although I could still feel the rough edges of my house and the crackling ground near the deck . BOOM! , with the thrill of another one , I rapidly stumbled up the stairs and noticed so many comets in the sky . It was like a gigantic waterfall in the air , but the taste of the fireworks wasn’t as good as my lavender t-shirt covered against my nose .

Jenascia - I liked how you described the scene with .

Angel - I was really impressed on how you described your senses, but your writing was extremely inspiring and interesting to read.  

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Chemical and Physical changes

What are Chemical changes ?
Chemical changes is a type of reaction that can’t be put back together, it’s irreversible. It’s when separating 1 molecule into 2 so it can join with another to make something new .

Facts about Chemical changes
  • Some chemical reactions produce energy while some of them collect energy
  • There are different types of chemical reactions like combustion and so on .
  • Chemical changes happen everyday

Example : The bowl of cake mixture can be made into a fully baked cake but it can’t turn back into the mixture.

What are Physical changes?
Physical change is when you break or damage something but can easily be put back together.

Facts about Physical changes:
・Most physical changes can be reversed, chemical changes cannot.
・A physical change is different from a chemical change.

Example: If you ice water then it will turn into ice and if you melt it , it will turn into

Friday, 27 October 2017

Easttle Maths result


Today I have done a easttle test for maths and I am very, very happy with my score. I have finally reached my goal in getting a 5 in my test . So for my next goal I want to get at least  1 or 2 levels higher than my practice score.