Monday, 12 August 2019

Maze Game and Flappy Bird Codes

Maze Game and Flappy Bird Codes

In Digitech, my classmates and I have done some coding on games
where we were able to control how a game runs. We did it on two
basic games, the maze game and flappy bird. In the Maze Game
activity, we had to control and find ways of how the player could
reach its destination, however we could only use a certain amount
of blocks. We used codes that could make the player move forward,
turn left/right as well as codes that could be repeated more than 2
times. It got more and more confusing after each stage because new
codes were added, and we'd have to find ways of how to use it. In the
flappy bird game, we had to basically organise the game like if you hit
an obstacle, do you keep playing or does it end? If you pass an obstacle
do you get a point or does it stay at zero? It was like we were to decide
the outcome of the specific action that was chosen. In the end, I did learn
a bit about coding and how a game runs through doing these activities.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Chocolate Cake - Food Tech

Today in food tech, my classmates and I made a chocolate cake.
The ingredients we needed were self-raising flour, sugar, cocoa,
milk, oil, 1 egg and vanilla essence. The first step was to add 2 cups
of self-raising flour, ½ a cup of sugar and 2 TSP of cocoa into a bowl.
We then added the wet ingredients which were ½ a cup of milk, ½ a
cup of oil, 1 egg and 1 tsp of vanilla essence. We then mixed it altogether
using a rubber scraper. Once it was mixed, we rubbed butter all over the
baking tin with our fingers and poured the mixture into the tray. We then
placed the tin inside the oven to bake at 180 oC for 30 minutes. As you
can see at the top, this is how our cake turned out with a bit of icing sugar. 

Kuraia, Vaimoana and Sandra

Monday, 22 July 2019

Plain Bread - Food Tech

Today in Cooking class my classmates and I made plain
bread. The ingredients we used were plain flour, SR flour,
oil, sugar, salt, yeast and cooking spray. First we added 2
cups of flour into a bowl and added two teaspoons of sugar
and ½ a cup of oil. We also added a little salt to the bread
as well. We then got a bowl of warm water and added yeast.
Slowly, we mixed the yeast into the bowl of flour until it was
in good shape to roll out. Then, we got a chopping board and
threw on some SR flour and rolled it out. We did it until the
dough was good enough to go into the oven then cut it in half.
We sprayed cooking spray on the tray, placed the dough and
put it in the oven. But before we did that, we left the oven on to
180o degrees for 20 minutes then turned it off and placed the
bread in. We left the dough inside the oven for a couple of minutes
then turned the oven back on to 1800 degrees. As you can see at
the top, this is the end result of how our bread turned out.  

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Nachos - Food tech

Today in food tech, me and my classmates made
nachos. The ingredients we used were: onion,
mince, baked beans, sliced tomatoes, spices,
cheese and nachos. First, we diced onion and fry
it in a pan until it was soft. We then added the
mince and fried it altogether. We threw some
spices into it and then added the baked beans
and sliced tomatoes. We mixed it until it was
done and placed it on a plate with nachos underneath.
Then to finish it off, we added cheese on top and it
was ready to eat. As you can see on top, there is a
photo of what our nachos looked similar to(I did not
have a photo of our finished product)

Pre-Test - Food Tech

 Pre- Test Term 2 2019

Name the 4 Food Groups

Name the 6  Nutrients
Another name for a  saucepan

Proper name of “bowl with holes”
Drawer and label a food pyramids
What is a Crepe”-
Crepe is a type of thin pancake
How many sectors to a balanced plate
There are 5 sectors
on a balanced plate. Vegetables,
Grains, Protein
and Dairy. 

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Social Responsibility - Physical Education

What is social responsibility?
Social responsibility is the value and attitude that back
up students in making the right choice or responsible
decisions about behaviors and participation in physical
education/health and in their personal lives as well.

What level were you during our lesson and why?
The level I was during our last lesson was a level 3.
I believe I was a level 3 during this activity because I
showed respect to my teacher and other fellow
classmates, I did independent work activities and I was
able to work with others to settle an argument. I did not
admit to my mistakes as I didn’t make any on that day.
I was honest and fair and I don’t think any choices were
made since there were none, other than being awake and
listening to the teacher and cooperating. 

What could you do in order to improve your level or
social responsibility for next lesson?
A few things I could do in order to improve my social
responsibility is working with everyone in the class,
complimenting each other, and providing assistance
to the teacher or a fellow classmate of mine. 

Do you have any questions about your learning you
still need answered?
How am I able to improve my social responsibility independently
without having to participate in any physical activity with the school?